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VYSOTREMSTROY” LLP invites you to the cooperation and proposes the fulfillment of the wide spectrum of engineering, design, construction and mounting works.

Our organization is the specialized enterprise, which deals with the solution of complex construction engineering problems. The presence of drawing and designing division, unprecedented personnel - technologists, experts, Candidates in Technical Sciences and masters with the experience of period more than 10 years, engineers, who have scientific degree and several published scientific transactions which make possible for company to solve complex construction engineering problems and to render the wide spectrum of the specialized services which ensures to us leadership in that field.

The high professional level “VYSOTREMSTROY” LLP is confirmed by the yearly certification of the construction committee, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Kazakhstan Republic, which is usually held for the confirmation of license of republic level. 

Works on the height and works with the complicated access carried out by “VYSOTREMSTROY” LLP with the use of technologies of industrial mountain climbing - rapid and highly remunerative alternative to construction forests, to auto-towers, to hoists and others “heavy” technology. Works on the height can be carried out without the stoppage of production processes, in the almost inaccessible and squeezed places, where the application of traditional methods is impossible. Our specialized alpinist requires not more than an hour for preparations for that. 

For performing such complex and specialized works, our company cooperates with Swedish Human Resources Agency “Performia” with its selection system of highly qualified personnel.

Company is fully responsible for safety engineering and eventual result of works with providing guarantees. The quality of our works corresponds to SNIP (Construction norms and regulations).

The successful l work of our enterprise on the internal and outside market during the period of more than ten years makes possible for us to declare about ourselves as the reliable and checked partner, which is confirmed by number of recommending letters.

Mission of company - to increase the level of the industrial culture of enterprises without loosing their harmony with the environment, to preserve cleanliness and primeval appearance of the buildings of our cities, thus assisting to society in reaching new quality of new life and get economical competitive ability of our country.

“VYSOTREMSTROY” LLP company - this is the ideal complex of the services: beginning from diagnostics till repairing and monitoring of the main capital funds of industrial enterprise, full responsibility in the process of works, the guarantee of the result, which satisfies your expectations.
We constantly plan broadening our activity and collaboration in the sphere of the assignment of professional services and works to all enterprises of Kazakhstan Republic and interested in the establishment of new partner relations and contacts.

We express to you deep gratitude for acquaintance with the represented information about our company and hope for further collaboration.

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