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Expert works
1. Evaluation of reliability and stability of the existing buildings
- instrumental inspection of the technical state of buildings:
use of physical & chemistry testing,
 Investigations by specialist, laboratories,
 the nondestructive, remote methods of control,
 the use of diagnostic equipment (including roentgen, thermography and ultrasound),  
 photo & video shooting and flaw detection with the subsequent calculation of the bearing capacity and loads on the firmware complex;
- the estimation of seismic stability;
- the composition of the reports, which include defective lists, conclusions and recommendations for increasing reliability, stability of the inspected objects. Estimation of residual resource with giving conclusion
2. Diagnostics of ventilation systems
- state inspection of the tributary, exhaust, natural ventilation, emergency ventilation systems and providing of the normal hygienically condition of air in administrative and production premises;
- the determination of the possible reasons of dissatisfaction state of air and measures for reduction the concentration of harmful impurities in air
3. Expertise of design estimates in the field of architecture and construction
- including economic and technical-engineering
4. Quality control of the construction works executed by contract organizations, the construction, concealed and preparatory works under the conditions of the complicated access (technical supervision)  
- including use of laboratory methods of control, the sampling  

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