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Construction-assembly works
1. Building of the carrying and enclosing constructions of buildings and construction 
- installation: 
metal constructions, the installation of steel framework , silos strengthening, the depositories of bulk materials, elevators, granaries;
tower and mast type constructions (chimney stacks) - the objects of connection and communications;
the enclosing constructions and filling of apertures
- device:
monolithic concrete and ferroconcrete constructions - reservoirs, sumps;
bases and foundations;
partitions, laying out from the stones, bricks, blocks - the dividing walls of chimney stacks and flues
- roofing works (shop, hangars, including conditions of aggressive environment) 

2. Special 
- capital repair and corrosion protection (chimney stacks, silos, cooling towers pans and mine-surface pile drivers)
- laying out from fireproof material (flues, the furnace: preheating the oils, cracking installations and the objects of metallurgy, oil&gas refining and chemical production) 
- the replacement of ends, guy rope, corrosion protection (torch installations)
- the replacement of stretching (antenna- mast construction) 

3. Protection of constructions and equipment 
- waterproofing (reservoirs, sumps, slime storages; the underground objects of the civil, industrial construction, which are subject to the influence of the ground water: ground floors, basements, air-raid shelters, underground parkings)
- fire-prevention ( metal frames of high buildings, granaries and other producs of light and food industry, buildings of public- cultural designation (stadiums, commercial- entertaining complexes, airports, RR stations, terminals, parkings), the metallic substructures of facades, cable, feeder lines)
- heat insulation, including protection isolation materials from destruction by special-composition “thermo-panel” (pipelines and etc.)
- brickwork and brick lining (drip-ring belts of chimney stacks, the ends of torch installations, furnaces, furnaces for oil preheating)
- the anticorrosive, including chemical protective covers under the influence of aggressive waters (reservoirs of petroleum products storage, technological infrastructure of the industrial productions: construction of ports, bridges, sea platforms)
- electrochemical (pipelines & etc.) 

4. Decoration 
- external – facades repair and painting administrative and habitable buildings, façade ventilation devices, installation of stained-glass panels and Thermopanes;
- internal - shop, hangars and so on 

5. Repair and construction 
- capital repair and reconstruction (carrying and enclosing constructions of buildings; roofing; external and internal utility networks)
- the development of optimal solutions in connection with to the special features of object and conditions of its operation (the protective coatings of constructions and equipment)
- strengthening the constructions:
the method of injection – waterproofing from flows, filtration and reverse osmosis by active and passive systems;
the use of technology of the prestressed steel framework, including electric & mechanical stress;
guniting by rigid solutions - restoration of ferroconcrete’s main features, the bed of rivers, launch pads and the stems of rocket mines), the repair of emergency, worn constructions 

6. Assembly of technological equipment 
- technological metal structures;
- technological piping. 

7. Dismantling of the existing buildings, including total blockage production areas 
- chimney stacks, antenna, tower and mast type constructions, cooling tower pan; shops, silos, reservoirs and etc. of production designation; high constructions in emergency and/or unsatisfactory state 

8. Not specialized, connected with the height 
- facade: 
repair of Thermopanes, washing of windows, repair and painting of facades, finishing with metal-plastic;
renovation, chem. Cleaning, finishing the facades, including of shell rock and metal-plastic;
installation of external advertisement;
hanging up of connection devices, household devices and instruments, signal equipment
- strengthening the being crumbled slopes in building of roads, tunnels, weirs, beds of rivers

9. Preparation of the complex surfaces 
Cleaning from ash, hydro-blasting, dust removal with the use of professional high pressure equipment; work quality control by specialized laboratory  
design and technical support by BarVanet