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About the field
The very beginning of industrial mountain climbing was established in the 60's, in USSR when the need of mountain climbing use arose with the building of gigantic hydroelectric power plants. However, it is known that in 1829 the roofer Peter Telushkin singly repaired the figure of angel on the spire of Petropavlovsk cathedral in Saint Petersburg! 

A radical increase in the vertical sizes of buildings, complication of their architectural components, appearance of a whole series of the most complex constructions on the buildings (spires, antenna, the devices of connection, video camera), dense infrastructure of industrial and civil objects, which complicates free access to them, made it possible to isolate the method of industrial mountain climbing as exceptional method of conducting height works , by its economy and efficiency, under the complex contemporary conditions. 

The work of steeplejack- ropemakers has the greatest success especially during the repair of high constructions, particularly chimney stacks of 30-150 meters high and more. Promoalpinist methods are especially successful, where the cost of very works lower than cost of building wooden constructions: during the building of hydroelectric power plants, the installation, the repair, painting of railroad and automobile bridges, during construction and repair of radio- and television masts. 

Combining the insurance technique of mountain climbing with the highly professional habits of all construction specialties, workers of “VYSOTREMSTROY” LLP are irreplaceable in many industrial enterprises of Kazakhstan.

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