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Design works (Project works)
1. Development of town-building documentation 
planning documentation ([SGP] and T. d.) 

2. Architectural, constructional , technological design of buildings and construction (objects of production designation; apartment houses; public buildings and construction) 
- modeling:
 - reconstruction and restoration 

3. Construction and design  
(bases and foundations; concrete and ferroconcrete constructions; rock and reinforced stone constructions; steel and aluminum constructions; wooden constructions; capital repair, the reconstruction of buildings and constructions, strengthening of constructions) 

4. Development of the special divisions of designs 
- corrosion protection;
- estimate documentation - composition [TEO] (technical and economic substantiations);
- the projects of the organization of building and carrying out of works ([POS], PPR);
- development [PTR] - engineering-design and construction solutions, the fulfillment of calculations

5. Technological design 
- objects of production designation; constructions and towers and mast type constructions (chimney stacks) 

6. Composition of design or technical task (in case of that the customer is incompetent in that question)

design and technical support by BarVanet